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Old, Happy and Proud Mom!

December 12, 2012

Ok, I have to say that I have just about had it with all of the articles trying to make older parents feel bad about being older parents.   For example, click here for the latest parenting analysis from Slate based on comments from The New Republic.  I was 38 when I had my son and I had him without any modern medical intervention even though the doctors said I had only a 3% chance of getting pregnant after a miscarriage, I was pregnant within 3 weeks…shows what they know.  My husband is my age and we have a (knock on wood) perfectly normal, healthy and obscenely happy and smart 4.5 year old boy.  Are their potential issues with having children late in life? sure there are, but many of them can be mitigated by a healthy (hell, in my case, healthy’ish) lifestyle.  Worried about exposure to pesticides? eat organic or go vegetarian, the lower you eat on the food chain, the less toxins you absorb.  Don’t believe me? see a nutritionist.  Want to look and feel young and have a strong back so you can pick up your kid(s)? Go for a run.  I have scoliosis and it’s pretty bad but I have run all my life and even now that my son is almost 5 and half my height I can still carry him and even get him on my shoulders.  If I can do that, we all have no excuse and all you need to run is shorts, t-shirt and sneakers (these are the only expensive part).  Oh and spare yourself the hundreds of dollars every year on make-up.  Try living without it, you might find you look younger without the chemicals and, if nothing else, you will save yourself some time in the morning which, when you have a full-time, successful career and kids, you will need!

As for the fact that we will be so much older and our children may have to deal with us dying when they are in their 30’s.  Well, yes, this is a possibility but think about this – just a couple of hundred years ago, children were considered adults no later than 15.  Heck, many were married by that age.  I would not go back to that time but I also think we coddle our children way too much.  So long as we raise them well there is no reason why, if they have to, they should not be able to take care of themselves by 18.  While I sincerely hope that my son will not need to, I will plan on him having to, and not sit here moaning about the fact that I might not see grandkids.  Heck, if he does not want kids it does not matter how old I am, I am not going to get them.

All in all, I am just tired of these conversations.  Surely we have more important things to worry about than continuing to make people feel bad about whenever they have kids, whether too young or too old.

Are their risks? Sure there are.

Are the risks higher as you get older? They can be but it is not a given

Are their risks when some people have kids young? Yup

Are their risks crossing the street? Yup

So, be aware of it but do what is right for you and I firmly believe that older parents are not dooming the future of the human race. We should spend our time and energy fixing our economy or creating world peace or perhaps, in the case of us “blue haired mom’s” sleeping!


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