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April 13, 2012

As a working mom, I am sick and tired of hearing other working moms say they have no time to work out.  Not only, do I disagree with this statement, I even believe you can work out, work (paying job) and still spend fun time with your child.  Don’t believe me, see the below video filmed at Fitness Together.

For those of you thinking “oh, she has time to see a trainer during the day?”  please note that this was filmed at roughly 8:30pm tonight and, while typing this, I am also working on a marketing plan for my paying job.  The beauty of working out at night… can stay up later 🙂


On Monday, I have off and my son and I are going to walk/run my normal 5K run route and maybe go hiking together.  Get them started early!


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  1. I totally agree. It has taken me close to a year and a half to take off all of my baby weight, but I’ve committed to at least three workouts at the gym during lunch per week. I also run at the park on the weekends with my baby in her jogging stroller. That took some training on her part to sit still, but by keeping her entertained by the ducks and all of the dogs during the run, we’re at the playground (the holy grail at the end of the run) before she knows it. And before I knew it, I was boxing up my “fat clothes.” As my motivation has increased, I’ve found that it’s easier to make the time to exercise than I thought. You just have to do exactly that: MAKE THE TIME.

    • I totally agree and kudos to you for getting out with the jogging stroller. I have a great one but the damn things are heavy! Plus, my son has hated being in a stroller since 18 months so now I pull him on a pile of weights which he thinks is the best thing since peanut butter :-))

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