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Georgia Harming – Not Helping Obese Children

January 6, 2012

While these ads have been out for a few days in Georgia, they were just brought to my attention today and I have to admit that, as a mom, I am completely horrified.  At the same time though, the marketing side of me, understands the ads and what they were trying to do. Indeed, in some ways they were successful because there is so much buzz around them.  However, while they may have been successful any benefit that they achieved is far outweighed by the detriment that they may cause.

How many of you remember junior high school or high school. Ok, now that I have that image in your head….imagine yourself as a fat kid walking into school the day after these ads appear in billboards and TV’s all over the state.  What do you think will happen to those kids?  Do you think they will be met with hugs and sympathy to their plight?

Yeah, right. NOT

Reality – they will be met with mocking and ridicule. While the kids in these ads knew what they were getting into, though goodness knows they will be ridiculed as well, all of the other kids with weight problems did not sign up for this.  All Georgia is doing is blaming the innocent and that is getting really old really fast. Parents, particularly Moms, need to stand up and take responsibility for the fact that 90% of the time, at least, they are obese and they have brought this onto their children due to poor diet and not enforcing exercise.  To read more about my thoughts on why parents, particularly mom’s are to blame, stay tuned for my next post.

What I want to see…..Posters of all the Obese parents who have obese kids on billboards with “Child Endangerment” in bright red across their image.

In the meantime, let’s help these kids by bringing exercise back into the schools and teaching them nutrition with as much exuberance as we teach them that smoking is bad for them. Maybe they can help themselves and help cure their parents. If you are a proper parent and your child points out that something you are doing is not healthy, you are going to change so fast it will make your head spin!


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