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Over Medication Of Our Children – Rant Warning

December 2, 2011

Sitting at home tonight, getting some work done and turned on CNN and Anderson Cooper who is talking about foster children being medicated as young as under one year of age with multiple (5+) psychotropic drugs. WSJ article on the subject can be found here.  Do we really feel this is necessary?  Sure, kids in the foster care system have had a rough life but these are serious drugs that have real world side effects.  How on earth can we justify the fact that infants are being put on these drugs?  An infant may not have had a good first year but, given the level of memory and adaptability of young children, I cannot imagine there is not a better way to treat them.  Perhaps time and love?.  4,000 infants under the age of one in the foster system are under the influence of psychotropic drugs.  Including Benadryl (which should never be given to a young child) being given to them to help put them to sleep.  Most of them just need to be rocked and held to get to sleep.  How is it that we are “supposedly” one of the most affluent cultures on the planet yet we treat our children this way and are, effectively, wrecking havoc on a large portion of a generation.

Perhaps we should all stop having so many of our own (biological kids) and start bringing some of these children who need help into our lives.


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