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Cod Fish Sperm Sac And Other Things I Will teach My Son To Eat

November 30, 2011

I travel a lot and when I do, the last thing I want to do is eat the same food that I have at home. What is the point of traveling if not to experience as much of a culture as you can? Eating the local food is one of the best ways to do this. When you get to a country start eating what they eat and make sure your child does as well. If you do not offer them an option they will join you…worse case, they go hungry before they join you šŸ™‚ Children are adventurous by nature and you can turn just about anything into a game with them. Going to Asia? Give them chopsticks and watch them entertain themselves for hours trying to use them. It will be messy, sure, but in the process they will inevitably get some into their mouth. If they don’t, might I suggest passing on any team sports involving coordination and sticking with running? Trust me, I speak from experience! Your child might not like everything but the more you insist that they try each item, the more they will get used to trying different foods.

Trying all food at least once…this is truly the most important part of this post, as this is something that has to be started with them from the day they start eating solid foods or you stand a good chance of losing the battle to get them to try new foods. When we sit down to dinner, no matter where we are, my son knows that he must try one bite of everything on his plate. Not a miniscule little bite that the Hubbell Telescope would be hard pressed to find but rather a good size adult bite. He can refuse but he is stuck sitting at the table with us until we are done with our meal and there is no dessert. Given a 3.5 year olds attention span and love for anything called dessert, this is usually more than enough to incentivize him. It is also important that you start them young but recognize their age and what is appropriate. There is no point in giving a toddler lettuce, trust me, they will not like it and it might get stuck in their throat. Instead, give them different meats and spices. When my son was old enough to eat meat the teachers at daycare would laugh at me as I would send him in with lamb sauteed in cumin and lentils for lunch but he would eat every bite. Not a typical, traditional dish for a toddler but now he loves cumin. Not a typical spice for the US but when he goes back to Colombia with me next year (yes, I said back) he will be more used to the flavors of the food as a result.

In my latest trip to Asia I was amazed at the number of Americans I saw at KFC and McDonalds (Hell, I was sad to see that this part of US culture is such a part of Japan now). As soon as I landed, all I wanted was to experience the cuisine of Asia and as much sushi as I could find. Fortunately my traveling partner had the same inclinations so we did a tour of Tokyo cuisine’s including noodles for breakfast, sushi for breakfast and yes, even cod sperm sac sushi. Quite tasty actually! When I bring my son to Tokyo with me the next time, you can bet he will be trying this along with every other type of Sushi. I the meantime, if you have not been to Tokyo you must go, it is one of the greatest cities (especially for food) ever. Ping me if you go and I will collect recommendations from all my friends who have been there for you. Next post up is on how to entertain a toddler for a long flight to Asia. I will be thinking through a lot of options as I am taking my son to Hong Kong next year so hopefully I will find some that will work šŸ™‚


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  1. Jenny permalink

    We entertained a 2 year old all the way to Taipei and back. 2 of the best tips I received were:

    1. Bring a box of band-aids. Let kid go to town. Sure, they get off plane looking like they were mauled by a tiger.. but , hey!

    2. Wrap tiny toys in tin foil. They spend a long time unwrapping them and then playing with each.

    We brought along a few animals and people from our playmobil set. Just the right size for playing on the meal tray.

    Also, apply a ton of lotion to their faces and hands.(and yours) They dehydrate a lot faster in the dry plane environment.

    • Jenny – Thanks for the advice. Like the tin foil idea and the lotion is a great point. It’s the one thing I always forget to do for myself. I will get those 3oz bottles out and filled up! šŸ™‚

  2. I’d recommend hitting a fast food place in each country (just once) so you can experience how they make what are typical staples in the US – You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. šŸ™‚

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